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over 2 years ago

There is no denying the fact that cycling is one of the best and the most relaxing forms of exercise. There is something about the feel of the fresh wind against your face and body that does wonder not just to your mental health but also your physical one. We at Bicycle Boutique are absolutely in love with Bicycles and everything associated with it. We are not just the biggest manufactures and distributors but also of the leading TSG distributor. So if you are on a hunt for a complete range of  TSG products then we are definitely your best bet. Whether you are looking to buy TSG HELMETS or any other types of gears, get in touch with us.


The rise in technology has brought many advantages to the human race. It is absolutely flabbergasting to see how everything can be controlled and checked within the comfort of a few clicks. In this era of the smartwatches and fitness bands, the VDO cycle computers are something that is a must-have. A VDO is a radio-based cycling computers with almost all of the important features such a speed, ride time, total distance, time, temperature, etc. it is clearly one of the best things you can have to keep a track on all your cycling activities. Unlike a wrist band, you don’t have to change the positions of your hand, again and again, to keep a check on your movements, these cameras are mounted in a way that you are constantly aware of your progress without much physical movements.


The large, easy to read display and intuitive and simple menu structure, as well as the complete display structure, makes using them very simple as well as effective. Some other very ignorant features that add to the advantage of VDO cycle computers are the integrated backlight, battery status indicator, sleep modus and a permanent data storage.


We at Bicycle Boutique are a one-stop destination for all your cycles and cycle-related gears and equipments. Being One of the leading distributor cycle helmets and many other bike parts, we make it our top priority to ensure that only the best quality products are being used to take care of not just the comfort of the cyclist but also to ensure their safety at all times.


Shop from our exquisite and enticing range of products, be it kids bicycle, cycles for mountaineering, racing and for many other multiple purposes, bags, storage compartments, helmets, gloves, etc and make the most of your time on the roads with your bikes.

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